Will and won’t list

Last reviewed: August 19, 2020

 Will do:

  • I’ll draw animals / fantasy creatures – in feral form (preferred) / semi-anthro style (like Zootopia) / anthropomorphic
  • I draw badges, sketches, portraits, full size pictures, Mood Badges – I will announce which commissions are currently available / open
  • I only take digital commissions, except for pencil sketches
  • I prefer natural backgrounds
  • Fanart (for example Warrior Cats or Disney movies)
  • I’m fine with erotic artwork

Won’t do:

  • Currently no Telegram sticker commissions
  • Traditional / real media work as commissions
  • Character reference sheets
  • Racist artwork of any kind, anything national-socialist / hate related, etc.
  • Fetishes I’m uncomfortable with
  • Technical backgrounds (e.g. cars, space, detailed buildings…)
  • Drawing my personal characters in inaproppriate situations
  • Humans or human-like creatures (like fairies)

I refuse to accept commissions or work with people I’m not comfortable with.