The Artist

I am a professional media designer and hobby artist from Germany. I mostly draw anthropomorphic characters and expressive animal art. Drawing emotions and playing with expressions is what I’ve always loved most.

My artistic name “TaniDaReal” has been my official pseudonym for many years. When it comes to aviation related art and photos, I’m also known under the name Wolfpilot.

My husband and I love to travel and appreciate having friends all over the world. A lot of our time we dedicate to Eurofurence, the biggest European furry convention in Germany, where I am part of the Charity Team and Pawpet Show Team. Further hobbies of mine are aviation as a hobby pilot, cooking and enjoying good food and drinks.

To read more about my animal alter ego, come here.

Animals – My life / Charity

I have a very deep connection to wolves and snow leopards and always had an extraordinary love for animals and grew up with pets. I couldn’t imagine a life without animals. Also now we’re sharing our home with our three cat girls, Shuray, Dae and Barista – all rescued cats from an animal charity.

I support animal organizations / charities, like having monthly sponsorships for cats at Sieben Katzenleben e.V. or memberships / sponsorships at organizations supporting wild animals (Snow Leopard Trust, The Cheetah Preservation Foundation). 10% of my sales will be used for donations / supporting animals.

“It is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.”