Art related questions

No, I am sorry I am not doing free artwork / requests. I only have limited time and I am trying to use that for projects, work and commissions that keep me busy besides real life. Regarding commissions, please see next question.

Yes, I have regular DIN A4 prints available of most of my artwork. You can buy regular prints (A4 sized) in my online shop.

Some pictures are also available as larger Jumbo Prints. You can buy them online (shop) or at conventions in the Dealers Den.

There are also limited larger prints / posters or prints on different material (canvas, hardfoam...) available at conventions in the Art Shows (only).

This is fine for me:
Uploading artwork of mine with giving proper credit (either my name, a link to my gallery or to the original artwork).
As long as there is no confusion about the copyright or pretending that the artwork was yours, that's fine with me, I am happy you enjoy my art and want to share it.

If you got a Recolored Mood Badges Set, you can use the images for a Telegram sticker set. For more info please see the Mood Badges section.

Please DON'T:
Uploading my artwork to websites like Photobucket, Imageshack, etc. There is often no way to give proper credit, many of those sites claim a certain usage right on uploaded images (which you are not allowed to give because you are not the copyright owner). Please be respectful and don't upload other people's images without permission or giving proper credits. If you found an image on Google, you still need to respect the copyrights.

Please note that copyrighted characters may not be used for roleplay, avatars, etc. (if you are not sure if a character belongs to somebody - please either ask or don't use it). Pictures that were done for you may be used and uploaded as you like.

In videos (YouTube etc.):
It depends on the video. If it's for example only a slide show / collection of artwork that you enjoy, that's fine with me (artwork should be unaltered and credit given somewhere). If it's a video with a message, please ask me first. It's also not ok to use other people's artwork and claim it would be your characters (for example a slide show of "your wolf pack" but showing artwork by other artists of characters that do not belong to you).

This is NOT allowed:

  • Any commercial use (including virtual shops like Second Life)
  • Altering / Editing my artwork or my signature
  • Tracing my pictures (without at least giving proper credit)
  • Copying my artwork or character designs
  • Upload/Offer my artwork at online print shops, shirt print shops, etc. (commercial)
  • Use my personal characters for anything commercial
  • Using my artwork in any inappropriate way
  • Using my personal characters (as avatar, for roleplay, etc.)
  • Drawing adult art of my personal characters (unless agreed / permitted)
  • Using copyrighted characters I drew (that belong to others)
  • Using commissions (I did for others) without their permission

This is fine with me:

  • Using my art for personal things (e.g. birthday card, room sign, desktop background,...)
  • Using random characters I drew as avatars, for roleplay, etc.
  • Drawing my characters / fanart
  • Coloring sketches of random / anonymous characters (give credit!)
  • See #Q/A4 above for uploading and video issues

NO. My personal characters (like TaniDaReal, Savoy, Daiquiri, Michonne, the WeuUkoo Wolves, etc.) are NOT allowed to use - not for roleplays, as avatars / user images / icons, etc. These characters are very personal to me and partly represent me. Please be respectful about that.

Same goes for any pictures that I drew for other people showing their characters. Unless you have the owner's explicit permission, those characters are not allowed for use.

Random, anonymous (un-named) characters I drew (and that don't belong to anybody) are fine for roleplay/avatars, if credit is given.

I do have several pictures available as t-shirts. If there is a picture of mine you would like to have on a shirt, feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do (not every picture is suitable for shirt printing) if I can add it to my gallery so you can order it there. If it's a commission I did for you, you're free to do whatever you want with it as long as it's for personal use (not for re-selling or commercial use, unless otherwise agreed).

Please understand that I will not hand out my high resolution files (unless it was a commission for you).

Of course. :) Receiving fanart is the greatest compliment an artist can get. I feel very honoured about it and love every single picture (Guest Art Gallery). If you're posting it, please add a little info whom it was for / whom the character belongs to.

I am pretty much all self-taught. Long-time practise, motivation and love for what you do are the key. I have been drawing animals since I can remember. I started drawing furry art in 1999, and I always loved watching cartoons and animated movies as inspiration to draw my favourite characters.

Sometimes I wonder where I would be today if I had internet and the variety of tutorials and courses there are now, but the most important thing that kept me going was loving what I do.

Some tips about drawing I have learned over the years I have listed here on my website.

I am usually busy with projects and commissions. Occationally I may be open for an art trade, but it depends on my time. Please don't be disappointed if you ask me and I have to say no.

No, not at this point. I have created some stickers, but they still take me too long to offer them as commissions.

If you have commissioned a Recolored Mood Badges Set from me, yes you can use the images of your Set for Telegram stickers.

Yes, I do ship worldwide / to most places.

During the pandemic, the shipping situation changed several times. Right now, shipping worldwide is possible again without problems (there may be some longer shipping times to some countries). 

General / Personal questions

I don't always have much time unfortunately, but I will do my best to answer and give advice.
It will help if you ask for a specific advice or example (for example "what's wrong with the anatomy in this picture"), rather than just showing a link to your mixed gallery and ask "what do you think about my art" (which is sometimes not easy to answer if there are many pictures in different qualities).

Usually I can't do redlines for everybody due to my limited time. If I am currently at my computer and have time, I may do it occationally. But please understand that giving proper advice and critique does take time (which I sometimes don't have, even if I want to).

I also focus on listing art and drawing tips and advice here on my website to motivate and support other artists to improve.

Actually what I call "Schnolf" is just a snow leopard / wolf hybrid, which is not a copyrighted species, so yes sure, you can make up your own hybrid character as well. I don't have a copyright on this (except my character design).

However, the term "Schnolf" has also become a nickname for me (mix of the two German species names), I appreciate it when people call their species a little differently, like just snow leopard / wolf hybrid, or an English mix like "Snolf", but that's of course no problem if you call it differently.

Please just do not use my character design and be creative to come up with something on your own. :)

Sorry, I don't roleplay, I am usually very busy and don't have time for it.

Yes, there are several furry conventions I visit regularly (like Eurofurence), including some new ones every few years. I will announce conventions I will attend on my social media accounts.

Yes, of course :).
Every picture I received is highly appreciated - I love artwork by other artists. :) Here you find the Guest Art Section - (sorted by characters). Thank you to everybody for the wonderful pictures! :) And thank you to my brother KingTaibu for hosting the gallery.

Mainly / only under TaniDaReal, as it's also my artistic pseudonym in my passport.
Sometimes also under Schnolf (as kind of a pet name).

When it comes to my aviation related artwork, I am also known under the nickname "Wolfpilot"

I am a huge fan of "Warriors" (Warrior Cats), which I discovered for myself in 2019.

The more, I am a big fan of "The Wolves of Time" and "Wolves of the Beyond".