• Species: Snow Leopard / Wolf hybrid (“Schnolf”)
  • Other names: Schnolf
  • Gender: Female
  • Created: 1999
  • Form: Feral (but anthropomorphic)

My character’s name is “TaniDaReal” (or briefly Tani). I created her in 1999 (in the beginning she was a grey European lioness, in 2002 I changed her into a snow leopard, in 2007 she became the hybrid – but the basic design always remained the same). Before 2003 she was known as VitaniDaReal, a reference to a character from The Lion King.

The “DaReal” doesn’t really have a meaning, it’s an artistic nickname I have settled with. “TaniDaReal” is my artistic nickname and an officially registered pseudonym.

More about the “Schnolf”

My character’s main form is feral: she is usually walking on four legs, but is anthropomorphic, that means she can talk, act, use her paws like hands, stand on her hind legs, etc. A semi-anthropomorphic version on two legs (like Zootopia) is also possible.

The wolf part enjoys the company of friends, the snow leopard cat part enjoys time alone. The monochrome design is also a strong part of me, as I always had an extraordinary affinity for the color grey. My alter ego is a kind of mirror of me – things, food or hobbies that I enjoy, Tani does too.

I have a very strong influence by my spirit animal, the wolf. The wolf has been present and guiding me since I can remember. You could say I chose the snow leopard, and the wolf chose me.

Artwork drawn by Jacato

Guest Art

Every picture drawn of my character is a great honor and very precious to me. You can find the collection in my Guest Art Gallery (thank you to my brother KingTaibu for hosting it), also of my other side characters like Savoy or Michonne):


  • I love to see Tani in different styles. If you’re posting artwork of my character(s), please always mention my name / link to me.
  • This character is very special and dear to me. Please do not use her without my permission, because she represents me.
  • The “Schnolf” is not a copyrighted species, as it’s basically only a hybrid between two existing species. Only the design of Tani is copyright by me, and the name “Schnolf” was started by me (as it’s a mix of the German names, Schneeleopard + Wolf).
  • You’re free to create a snow leopard / wolf hybrid, design ideas are infinite. Please just come up with an own design (don’t copy mine).

TaniDaReal is © me, 1999–today