Copyright / Usage

Here are my copyright and usage information what you are allowed to do with my artwork (this refers to all my drawings I upload, not only commissions).

You may
  • Use my art for personal / non-commercial use, like desktop background, screensaver, saving, etc.
  • Print my pictures for yourself / personal use, e. g. hanging them on your wall, in your office, etc.
  • Post my pictures, e.g. in forums or social media groups – only with giving full credit to me (the artist). You may not post them as your own artwork or in your own galleries.
  • Use or color artwork I offer as template or free for use.
  • Use artwork you received as commission from me (see commission section for more details).
  • Draw my personal characters, please give credit to the owner (me) when posting them.
It’s not allowed to
  • To use/submit my artwork for the training of AI machines.
  • Use my art for anything commercial / making money with – without agreement.
  • Sell my art in digital or physical form (printed artwork / products with the artwork used/printed on). Uploading my art on RedBubble, Spreadshirt, etc. is not allowed and will be reported.
  • Alter, edit or crop my pictures in any way (like removing my signature).
  • Use my personal characters or copyrighted characters I drew of other people.
  • Upload my artwork to your galleries, as your own art or in a way people get a false impression who the original artist is.
  • Trace my artwork and post the traced copies as your own work.

To obtain permission / a license for commercial use, this has to be agreed upfront with me.

Please be respectful with copyrights.

All my artwork is © TaniDaReal