Yes, I do take commissions. Usually I am open quite rarely, due to a lot of work and projects.
Please read on for more information.


  • I will announce commission slots on:
    my Telegram News Channel, my Twitter account and my Mailing List.
  • I’ll usually try to pre-announce when I’m opening for commissions on these channels. If it’s a quick / spontanous commission, I may also open directly.
  • I do not keep a waiting list (unless I take a bigger number of commissions at a time).
  • I don’t have a fix price list. Prices will be announced when announcing / opening commissions.
  • I will announce what kind of commissions are available, in what form I’ll take them (first come first served, raffle, auction, YCH or picking myself) and the prices.
  • If you commission me, you agree to my Terms of Service:


Will draw
  • Animals / fantasy creatures / hybrids
  • Feral form (preferred) / semi-anthro style (like Zootopia) / or anthropomorphic form
  • Badges, sketches, portraits, full size artwork, YCH commissions, Mood Badges
  • Currently only digital commissions, except for pencil sketches
  • I prefer natural backgrounds
  • I’m fine with erotic artwork
Won’t draw
  • Currently no Telegram sticker commissions
  • Traditional / real media commissions (except pencil sketches)
  • Character reference sheets
  • Racist artwork of any kind, anything national-socialist / hate related / political, etc.
  • Fetishes I’m uncomfortable with
  • Technical backgrounds (e.g. cars, space, robots, detailed buildings…)
  • Drawing my personal characters in inaproppriate situations
  • Humans or human-like creatures (like fairies)

I may refuse to accept a commission or work with people I’m not comfortable with.



You may:
  • Use it for any personal / non-commercial use
  • Use it on websites, as avatars, as reference
  • Print them for yourself – on paper, a shirt or a product for your personal use
  • Use it as Telegram sticker, etc.
  • Upload the web version
You may not:
  • Use it for anything commercial / (re)selling / making money with
  • Sell it in digital or physical form (printed artwork / products with the artwork used/printed on)
  • Alter or crop the picture I provided (if you want something changed, please contact me)
  • To obtain permission/license for commercial use, this has to be agreed upfront with me

I will only make prints of a commission if I have permission from the commissioner. Unless the commissioner asks for keeping a picture private, I have the right to upload the web versions to my galleries.

For more details, please read my Terms of Service.