My Alter Ego

 Artwork by Blotch
Name:   TaniDaReal / Tani
Species:   Snow Leopard / Wolf hybrid ("Schnolf")
Gender:   Female
Created:   1999
Form:   Feral (but anthropomorphic)
Body:   Wolfish body and head,
snow leopard paws, tail and fur pattern
Colors:   Fluffy grey and white body fur, large black spots, black dorsal stripe from nose over back to tail, black face markings next to the eyes (cheeks), black and white tail markings, black ear markings with white tips, black nose, turqueoise colored eyes, pink / grey paw pads

My character's name is "TaniDaReal" (or just Tani). I created her in 1999 (in the beginning she was a grey European lioness, in 2002 I changed her into a snow leopard, in 2007 she became the hybrid - but the basic design always stayed the same). Before 2003 she was known as VitaniDaReal, a reference to a character from The Lion King.

The "DaReal" doesn't really have the meaning "the real one", it's more an artistic nickname I didn't want to change any more as it became an established name over the years. "TaniDaReal" is also my artistic nickname and an officially registered pseudonym.

About the Schnolf

My character's main form is feral (walking on four legs), but she is anthropomorphic, means she can talk, use her paws like hands, etc. However it is possible to show her as Anthro (bipedal) too.

Tani represents me, it is not just a random roleplaying character. Tani is like a mirror of me. She was a a snow leopard for a long time, but I finally decided to define the hybrid (Schnolf) as her main form.

I always had a very strong influence by my totem animal, the wolf. The wolf has been present and guiding me since I can remember (long before I knew what furry was). You could say I chose the snow leopard, but the wolf chose me. This form both combines both my inner soul (wolf) and physical appearance (snow leopard).

The monochrome design is also a part of me, as I always had an extraordinary affinity for the color grey.

Character Sheet

Current character sheet: Tani in her main form (feral Schnolf).
Bipedal anthro version is possible, depending on the situation.

TaniDaReal Reference Sheet

TaniDaReal is © me
Please note that this character is NOT available for use (like as avatar or for roleplay)