Respecting copyrights

Not everything you find on the internet is free for use!

Please keep in mind that images found online are not automatically free for use! It is a copyright violation to just use/alter other artists' artwork or photos without their permission. Each creation (artwork, photos, designs, logos) is copyrighted by its creator, no matter if it includes a visible copyright info / signature or not. So please be respectful about it.

Every artist gives different permissions for the use of his/her art. If one artist allows you to use it, that does not mean that you can just take anybody's pictures too. Treat people with respect and simply ask them if you are unsure.

Never use artwork/material that does not belong to you for any commercial use!
Always stay friendly, polite and respectful.

Some examples of what you should never do:

  • Use material that does not belong to you for any commercial use.

  • Use / alter (change, recolor) artwork of other artists without permission.

  • Copy / Trace other people's artwork without permission.

  • Upload artwork by others under your name and claim it would be yours.

  • Remove / Edit the copyright information or signatures.

  • Use copyrighted characters (for avatars, roleplay, etc.) without permission.

  • Upload artwork that does not belong to you to galleries like MySpace, Photobucket, etc. (many galleries don't even allow uploading artwork that you don't have the rights for). Some of those galleries even include sales options (like "buy print") or "allow free use" of the uploaded contents (which you don't have the right to give because it is not your art). Just because others do it too, that does not make it OK.

My personal permissions about my art you can find here.