About Fursuits

A fursuit is an animal costume, it can be either a partial one (head, paws, tail) or a full-body suit. Fursuits are a hobby of mine, I enjoy both building them and performing in them.

It is pretty challenging to create a good looking fursuit (there are so many important points, like symmetry, the eyes and expression, the character design, etc.). I personally prefer well fitting fursuits rather than baggy mascots. I do like both realistic and toony fursuits, it's the general impression that is important to me.


Not everyone wearing a costume is (automatically) a Furry!
Not every Furry is a fursuiter or wants to be one.
Only about 10% of the Furry Fandom are fursuiters.

Photo of Tani taken by Mike Goehre, 2007

Why do you do that?

  I have always been interested in creative work - and believe me, crafting a good looking life size costume is a pretty good challenge. ;)

What's more, I always loved performing (I used to attend a theatre group at school). I like entertaining people, and I enjoy "being somebody else" in that suit. And of course, this is probably the closest way for me to really look like my character. That's also the reason why I probably couldn't wear a fursuit character that I don't identify with.

Adult people wearing costumes may sometimes sound strange to people, but for most fursuiters the main reason is simply - fun. The joy of creating, performing, dancing, making children laugh, entertaining people, taking nice photos with their costumes at nice locations, etc. A lot of people never understood it before they tried to put on a costume for fun themselves.

Photo of Daiquiri, 2009

My fursuits

So far, I have made 5 fursuits myself and commissioned 1 fursuit (from BNCreation). The very first one I ever made was in 2002 (a grey lioness), after that I made a fursuit about every 2 years. Practice is the key - when I look back, my first one was really bad (that's why there are no more photos of it here, sorry). ;)

I am sorry, I do not offer fursuit commissions!

It's only a private hobby for me, which requires a lot of time (which I do not have since I have a full time job). And I still don't have enough practise to make a professional fursuit for other people. But what I can do is to give you as many information as possible:

For a making-of how I made my fursuits, more information, photos, tips and links to professional fursuit builders - please visit my website http://fursuit.tanidareal.com

        Savoy - Silverfox-Wolf hybrid (2012)
(Commission by One Fur All Studios)

I finally wanted a new fursuit of my dear character Savoy, so I decided to commission One Fur All Studios (ScribbleFox) for her. He did an amazing job and I am very happy how she turned out (this fursuit was not made by me).

        Toskaya - Marten (Partial)

End of 2011 I made a partial fursuit (head, gloves, paws, tail) of a female marten character, together with my husband Nightfox. This was the first partial we made, in first line I wanted a suit for dancing that is not as warm as a full body suit.

        Tani - The Schnolf (2010)
(Commission by BNCreation)

In 2010 I commissioned a fursuit of my character Tani / the Schnolf (snow leopard / wolf hybrid) from the fursuit builder BNCreation (this fursuit was not made by me!).

The fursuit has digitigraded legs.
            Daiquiri - Transilvanian Wild Dog

My 4th fursuit, the Transilvanian Wild Dog "Daiquiri" (she's a vampire). With the help of Nightfox, we finished her in November 2008.

"Making of" website:
        Savoy V1 - Silverfox-Wolf hybrid

My 3rd fursuit, of my character "Savoy", finished in May 2006 and which was so far the most complicated one. This suit is retired and not worn any more.

"Making of" website:
        Tani fursuit II - Snow Leopard

In August 2004 I finished my 2nd fursuit - it's TaniDaReal II, the snow leopardess. This suit is retired and not worn any more.

"Making of" website: