Terms of Service


  • ​You need to be at least 18 years old to commission me.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am not feeling comfortable with it.
  • The final price of a commission will be announced or discussed with the commissioner before.
  • If my TOS are breached, I reserve the right to cancel the commission without warning and refund the money.
  • Please provide proper visual references for me to work with (changes I have to make afterwards because the reference was unclear may cost extra due to extra work).
  • I don’t share my source files. You get your artwork as a .png or .jpg file, I don’t hand out .psd files.
  • You get your artwork in full resolution and one smaller web version. The full resolution work is only for personal use and not to be uploaded online.


  • All characters involved in the image must be provided with permission from their respective owner(s).
    I’ll make an exeption if it’s a gift / surprise for someone.

Accepting commissions:

  • I usually try to pre-announce opening for commissions on my channels: Mailing List, Telegram News Channel or my Twitter account. However I also may open up for spontanous commissions.
  • I will take commissions in different ways, for example as auction, first-come-first-served, by raffle or by picking myself.

Progress, updates and approvals: 

  • Smaller commissions like icons, sketches, quick commissions or experimental commissions will be completed in one go, without previews or work in progress steps.
  • For commissions like full color art, portraits or colored badges I will provide a rough sketch before (here you can ask for corrections / adjustments). When you approve it, I will continue working on the final artwork. As the first sketch is just a rough idea, I may work out / adjust details when outlining for the best result.
  • If the initial quick sketch isn’t to the commissioner’s satisfaction, they are allowed one time to name as many changes as they like in one clearly written request, or they can even scrap the sketch altogether to get a new one (scrapped sketches may be used by me for other projects later).
  • Change requests in general are asked to be made in one clearly written message (not in several turns after every new preview).
  • If there are changes/adjustments after the commissioner approved the sketch and I already started inking or coloring, this may cost extra, unless it was a mistake done from my side for example I forgot something.
  • If a character design has been updated during the commission progress, I will adjust it. Depending on the amount of changes I will do it for free (just a little marking) or ask before for an additional fee (e.g. if it now has a completely different design or wings).
  • Additional requests asked later (e.g. different size versions, transparent versions for Telegram stickers, additional changes not mentioned before, etc.) will cost extra, as the amount of work was not calculated in the commission price.

Turn around time:

  • To ensure the best artwork quality possible, I only work on commissions when I’m in the right mindset. I may work on pictures in different orders.
  • In case of a longer queue you allow a turn around time for up to 6 months after the complete payment, I will tell you an estimate once I accept your commission.

After completition:

  • If the artwork is finished and the commissioner has changed their mind about a great detail of the artwork, (e.g. a pose) and requests it to be changed, I won’t accept the request.
  • If I however made a mistake and forgot markings that were visible on the given reference, I will edit the artwork free of charge.


  • If you decide that you want to cancel your commission and I didn’t start working on it, I’ll refund you fully. If I already started working on it, I will deduct the amount off your payment for the work I did by then. 
  • I will not offer refunds for completed artwork.
  • If you have reserved a commission slot / you’re on the list, the commission slot is not fully taken unless 100% paid.
  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time – if unforeseen circumstances occur, I am not able to fulfill it or the TOS have been violated. If it has already been paid, I will refund the money.

Artist’s (style) preference:

  • You commission me to draw your character in my vision. While I will draw your character in my style, I may vary / interpret details for the best result.
  • I won’t alter my style in ways I’m not comfortable with.
  • I may offer experimental commissions to play with different styles. This will be announced before.


  • I take commissions in EUR or in USD.
  • Smaller commissions usually have to paid fully in advance. For bigger costs, I may ask for 50% in advance, and 50% after your approval of the sketch / before starting to color.
  • I accept Paypal payments or money transfer (Germany, Europe).

Usage rights:

  • I am permitted to post artwork in my galleries and use your artwork for self-promotion purposes.
  • Once you purchase the commission, the picture is yours to re-post or use at your discretion. However you may not claim the artwork as your own work. It is prohibited to alter or remove the signature.
  • When re-posting please ensure that credit is given either by mention or by posting a link to my website/account/art. 
  • Commissioned art is for private use only. It is forbidden to make profit of my work in any way. If you want to buy a commercial license for your artwork, this has to be agreed on before.
  • I will only make prints (for selling) of a commission if I have the explicit permission of the commissioner. Otherwise commissions will not be used for further sales.

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Last reviewed: January, 2022.